How to give a rustic style to the living room?

How to give a rustic style to the living room?

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Question from Gaby:


Answer: linen curtains, natural lighting, and some decorative accessories

Hello Gaby, taking into account the configuration and the existing decoration in your living room / dining room, here are the tips that I propose to you to finish the rustic and countryside decoration of the living room part. First of all, I advise you to put wrought iron rods then natural linen curtains, not too thick on your two bay windows. This will allow you to dim the light in the room without having to use the blinds! In addition, the curtains will warm the atmosphere for a more "cocoon" effect. Instead of the light fixtures you have on the ceiling, I would install light fixtures with straw or plain light beige or taupe shade shades. The television is very well placed. But, perhaps you could hunt for a small bookcase in light oak so that you can put your television there if the space between the shelves is large enough. On your sofa, have beige or cream cushions (3, 4). On the floor, a comfortable, light-colored carpet will warm the seating area. For the walls, you could hunt for a beautiful wooden mirror, a few frames or tables while avoiding overloading the walls… Finally, on one side of your sofa, you could place a small side table very useful for placing a small lamp and on the other side (window side), have a pretty green plant, quite tall that will dress this corner of your living room. You too, send us your decoration question


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