The Cherry on the Cake is back!

The Cherry on the Cake is back!

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Fluorescent colors, quirky prints, humorous serigraphs… La Cerise sur le Gâteau sets the tone for modern, cheerful linens. Its creator, Anne Hubert, embarked on the adventure in 2005 after having worked for many years in the world of fashion design and decoration. Successful bet for this lover of beautiful linen who continues today to put her imagination at the service of creations always more fresh and colorful!

Color forever

The household linen and accessories brand La Cerise sur le Gâteau was born thanks to the love of colors. They illuminate, through poetic and contemporary screenprints, each of his creations. It was in 2005 that La Cerise sur le Gâteau was created, under the impetus of Anne Hubert. An Applied Arts diploma in your pocket and several years of experience as a decorative stylist: here she is, ready to embark on the adventure. Anne's creations first became known by word of mouth, then through private sales before being recognized by decoration professionals at the Maison & Objet trade show, a veritable laboratory for new trends. Success soon followed and the brand opened its e-shop in the process. In 2011, the Monoprix brand offered a collaboration with la Cerise sur le Gâteau which would give rise to an exclusive collection of clothing and home accessories. New success for the brand which is now preparing its own Fall / Winter collection… to follow!

Traditional codes revisited

Drawing on the timeless French references of household linen, Anne adds contemporary codes and a touch of candor which give a style so particular to her accessories. With a clear predilection for neon ("Neon, whether yellow, pink, or green is our identity"), Anne created plaids, duvet covers and cushions on which the Jouy canvas or the Liberty s' print with a touch of humor. Basics sparkle and fabrics (linen, cotton) are widely honored. The Cherry on the Cake is sourced from regions with a strong textile footprint (the Vosges region for France and Porto for Portugal) and remains faithful to the references that have made the reputation and longevity of linens of the past. Starting point for all La Cerise sur le Gâteau creations, quality fabrics are then transformed into tea towels, bed linen, shopping bags, sleeping bags, kits and children's clothing. Anne Hubert dust off the traditional home accessory to reinterpret it with taste: we want more!

Where to find La Cerise sur le Gâteau?

The brand is present today in more than 180 points of sale, notably in places of reference in Paris, but also in Europe and abroad, such as in Japan, Hong Kong or Australia. An online store is also available on