Accessories for the yogurt maker

Accessories for the yogurt maker

I realize that I have put my yogurt maker back in the closet, to believe that this device is doomed to go back and forth according to the culinary mode. When I saw Seb's accessories for his multi-delicious yogurt maker, I wanted to do it again, which is a good thing. And even if I don't have this yogurt maker in question, I suppose that some of you have it and will be delighted to know that it can be enriched with new accessories.

Drinking yogurts

Until now, I believe that Lagrange was the only one to offer this type of container to create nomadic drinking yogurts that can be taken by children for a snack or a picnic. Seb therefore launches its Délices Box Drinkable yogurts, 6 small containers to create drinkable yogurts.
It should still be noted that this kit of 6 containers is advertised at a price of € 14.99 while the Lagrange kit of 14 containers with cleaning brush, funnel and recipe book can be found from around € 18 and qu 'it seems that it can be used in Multi Delights. If this is indeed the case, the choice will quickly be made between the two. Seb, Délices Box Drinkable yogurts, XF1020, € 14.99

1 liter container

When I was little, my grandmother always had in the refrigerator these large jars of yogurt which I loved. I do not know if it was because of the capacity but I found these yogurts more creamy and creamy than in the individual doses. Seb offers a Délices Box Bac 1 liter with its drainer to rediscover that taste of yesteryear.
This time, the offer is more interesting because, to my knowledge, there are no similar offers for other brands. It is sold at a price of € 14.99. Seb, Delices Box 1 liter container and drainer, XF1010, € 14.99

Preparations for yogurt maker

Because we often forget to prepare homemade yogurts and when we think about it, we don't have the necessary ingredients, Seb offers preparations that require having only milk and sugar on hand. "My preparations for yogurt maker" are composed of ferments and natural flavors. There are currently three flavors: lemon, strawberry and vanilla.
You can make 24 yogurts (4 ferment / flavor duets) for a price of € 7.49. Seb, My preparations for yogurt maker, strawberry (XF1501), lemon (XF1502) and vanilla (XF1503), € 7.49