Video: how to make a hanging bouquet?

Video: how to make a hanging bouquet?

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Giving a spring touch to our fall decor is possible! The advice of? Hang a very natural basket in the air and let this very green note preside over the decor. Video instructions.

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Level: way Completion time : 25 mins Indicative cost: 30 € Necessary material : hanging plants such as thunbergias, Brazilian jasmine, hanging amaranths, yellow dahlias, a container with a handle, a bucket of water

Steps :

- Place a bucket in the basket and fill it with water. - Remove the tutor from the thunbergia, also known by the poetic name of Suzanne with black eyes. - Place it with its pot in the basket. - Remove the Brazilian jasmine stake, cut it at the root, then place it in the basket. - Strip the yellow dahlias and tie them with raffia. - Equalize the stems and place them in the basket. - Thin out the hanging amaranths and cut the bottom of their stems and place them in the basket. - It only remains to suspend the floral arrangement. The decor tip: it is better to strip the amaranth slightly to ventilate it, otherwise the bouquet could quickly have a faded side. Shopping: Lucia green fruit basket, ALINEA Creation and flowers:Watercolor