What colors to warm up a too white living room?

What colors to warm up a too white living room?

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Winter is fast approaching, it is important to warm up its interior by incorporating warm colors. Create a cozy and friendly cocoon in shades of brown: beige or chocolate. Treat yourself to a haven of peace by the fire.

The warm and friendly chocolate color in your white living room

In an interior that is too white and too refined, bring a touch of warmth by painting a chocolate wall. This color will warm the atmosphere. White will go perfectly with this warm and friendly color. You can also match the mole with white to compose an art of living between sweetness and refinement. The variations of brown combine perfectly with the bright white to offer clarity and elegance in the living room. These tones warm the room to create an association of colors conducive to calm. The walls in taupe or beige will be ideally suited with natural materials such as wood or linen.

Wake up your living room with bright colors

Revitalize your living room with bright colors to give new life to your decoration. In a living room that is too white, it is essential to inject color and joie de vivre. Vitamin-rich and colorful, your living room will come back to life. By touches, bring dynamism in your environment by choosing a red or orange sofa, for example. With warm tones like orange, yellow or red, you will warm the atmosphere. To create a colorful space for privacy, you can opt for petrol blue on the wall. It will provide a feeling of security in the living room while creating an original cocoon.

Play on the soft and soft colors

Enhance your interior by giving it character and depth by combining the colors between them. To do this, play on the soft color combinations in your decoration or on your walls. Choose a pastel color: almond green, powder pink or yellow. In a boudoir spirit, sweetness is essential. In a refined and romantic style, opt for a daring mixture of white and gray. This agreement will meet your expectations in terms of authentic decoration. In this style, the grays and whites blend perfectly to offer optimal brightness and an elegant universe.