Serge Bensimon embarks on painting

Serge Bensimon embarks on painting

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A key player in the color world, Ressource offers no less than 950 shades, including 34 colors designed like a travel diary by the famous designer Serge Bensimon. A quick overview of this new palette.

Serge Bensimon and the world of the house

For more than 25 years now, Serge Bensimon has been implementing his vision of lifestyle in creations for fashion but also in selections for the home with the concept store Home around the world and then Gallery S.Bensimon. Today, he is becoming a key player by offering a range of paints to extend the vitality and lightness that characterize his work to the home sector.

The Bensimon palette at Ressource

Long before creating his own collection, Bensimon used Ressource paints to bring the walls of his shops to life. It was therefore natural for the two protagonists to offer us a common collection with bright and warm colors. Bensimon made a stopover in South America to draw inspiration and come back with 34 colors made up like a travel diary. We will then find 8 neutral and elegant tones, 16 bright tones, 8 toned pastels and 2 fluorescent colors to make our interiors travel. We particularly appreciate the refreshing turquoise, green lagoons and deep oranges which are sure to bring the positive energy of the creator to our decor. And to help you, the brand and the creator offer 5 wall frescoes to facilitate the use of this palette of powerful colors. > More info on


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