Decorative plaids for warm autumn!

Decorative plaids for warm autumn!

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The coming of the fall season implies some changes in our interior decoration. We are looking for more warmth and an obviously more cocooning atmosphere to effectively combat the tumbling temperatures! Some decorative elements then take on their importance: the cozy throw thrown carelessly on the sofa is one of them! For an authentic cocooning atmosphere in your living room, the faux fur decor elements have no equal! ... And you will love to snuggle up warm on your sofa, under your faux fur plaid ultra soft ! (Plaid comforter imitation otter at AM.PM La Redoute). But if you are not the type to love long-haired decoration at home, there are many other decorative plaids that will do the trick! If you like vintage atmospheres, you can opt for fleece blankets with retro patterns old type printed postcard of Paris for example. For those of you who appreciate simple and natural atmospheres, you have several choices. Revisit the seaside atmosphere with a striped plaid gray / anthracite or taupe (Bazil Collection from Home Spirit Déco) or play on the large knitted stitches for a very cozy atmosphere (knitted plaid at La Maison de Valérie). For the most classic of you, do not hesitate to go back to the very origins of the plaid… and have fun with the Scottish patterns: you will find large plaid fleece blankets in very varied color tones (Scottish blue and white plaid at Eminza).


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