What colors to define the living room kitchen?

What colors to define the living room kitchen?

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The kitchen is the heart of the house. Often open to the living room, this essential room has become more than a space for preparing meals, it is above all a place of exchange, sharing and conviviality. It is therefore essential to have a kitchen with character that stands out from other rooms in the house. The color must delimit the spaces in order to contribute to the realization of a clearly defined kitchen in opposition to the living room.

A clearly identified space

The trend is towards kitchens open to the living room. However, it is essential to separate the kitchen from the living room to create an independent room. In order to set up a clearly identified kitchen in your interior, install different floors. Choose a tile in the kitchen. This must be in keeping with the style of this room. You can add parquet in the living room. The difference in floor covering creates a visual separation between the kitchen and the living room while bringing a dose of originality to the whole. Also play on color contrasts by opting for dark tiles in shades of brown or black in the kitchen while favoring parquet in light tones in the living room. The kitchen will then be a place identifiable by its cozy and intimate atmosphere and the living room will give an impression of conviviality in a modern and design note. Reinforce the delimitation between the kitchen and the living room by installing a storage unit between the two spaces. It will clearly demarcate the two spaces.

Isolate the kitchen space by color

Color defines spaces. To avoid integrating the kitchen into the living room as a natural extension, insist on the color oppositions. Choose colors that will stand in opposition to the neighboring room. This will clearly define the kitchen in the living room. Do not hesitate to choose bright and sparkling colors in the kitchen such as eggplant, purple, red, orange or green. For the living room, you can opt for neutral and contemporary colors in shades of gray, brown or white. The kitchen must therefore be remarkable, in contrast to the living room. To separate the living room from a kitchen, choose bright shades for the furniture and storage. This solution catches the eye and reinforces the unique aspect of the kitchen in the blink of an eye. It is important to make a remarkable kitchen. This involves setting up an additional room even if it is open to the living room. The kitchen must have its own identity and specific color codes so as not to blend into the decor but to exist as a room in its own right.