In search of an unusual mirror

In search of an unusual mirror

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In search of an unusual mirror that will impress guests and personalize a wall with subtlety and daring, the editors of dé have caught a trio of pieces with the knack of combining singularity and controlled eccentricity.

A discolored mirror

At Petite Friture, our favorite is Francis. An elegant round mirror whose motif comes from a series of chromatic experiments using pigments fleeing from water, all led by a circular design. An amazing description that says a lot about the result. Indeed, the illusion of convexity offers a luminous oxidation effect, resolutely surprising when you look inside. And the enchantment works ...

A witch mirror

Rather than bewitch us, the "Samantha" witch mirror has the gift of fascinating us. A curious magic power for this round model like a balloon endowed with a convex aluminized glass which gives it a rare, globular and magnifying rendering. Now it reflects the interior in another dimension making fun of distorting reality and playing on our visual perception ... To find quickly at AM. PM ...

A mirror to compose

Direction Ikéa to get an unusual mirror at a lower cost. From the name of Hönefoss, this hexagon-shaped model to multiply at will assembles according to the desired shape and height to form a semblance of a beehive. Another bonus of this piece? Its variation in two different shades of brown, ideal for composing the mirror while playing on a degraded look. It's design, original and inexpensive! (€ 14.99 each).


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