The mistakes to avoid in a cocooning interior

The mistakes to avoid in a cocooning interior

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When temperatures drop, the urge to stay at home is felt! And to take advantage of its interior, we focus on the cocooning trend, between softness and warmth. And to help you make your home a real cocoon, here are the mistakes to avoid.

Don't neglect your interior

Your interior is a real refuge when winter is coming to an end and you have to be aware of it. So when temperatures drop, you have to adapt your interior to make it pleasant and warm to spend this new season. Understand therefore that your decoration must change according to the seasons in order to provide you with the necessary comfort. For the winter, we adjust its decoration by reintegrating the hot materials, changing the scent of the candles and focusing on more winter patterns. It is also the time to take an interest in the fireplace by lighting the first fires or by offering yourself a bioethanol fireplace which will bring a warm aspect to the room in which it will be installed.

Do not set aside textiles

In a cocooning interior, textiles are very important because they are the ones who will give the warm spirit of the decor. We take advantage of temperature changes to choose thick and decorative curtains that will protect you from the cold. It is also time to place a warm blanket on the sofa and install soft cushions in fake fur, for example. Do not hesitate to offer yourself a very soft and thick carpet that will warm your floor and create a real cocoon in your interior. Think of the long wicking shaggy rugs that are sure to warm your feet. Finally, choose warm patterns for all your linens such as tartan for example.

Don't think there are only warm colors

While warm colors can of course help you create a warm interior, neutral colors are also ideal. Indeed, beige and taupe create a feeling of softness which is particularly conducive to cocooning. On the other hand, white also works very well and is not cold at all provided you play on different materials with velvet or even faux fur. You can opt for a total white look that will be perfect to evoke winter, and will cool the house in summer. We therefore prefer soft and warm colors in monochrome with a single touch of too bright color on a wall.

Don't forget the furniture

Finally, be aware that furniture also plays an important role in your cocooning interior. You will be careful to choose furniture that evokes softness thanks to curved lines. You can also choose furniture that evokes a cocoon like trendy sofas with very high armrests to create a space of intimacy. Similarly, an armchair can be an asset in a living room so do not hesitate to replace your traditional sofa with several armchairs which will be like so many cocoons for each inhabitant of the house.


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