SIA, the love of flowers in heritage

SIA, the love of flowers in heritage

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The fabric flowers seem to you from another age? Not when they are created by SIA! The Swedish brand has completely reinvented and modernized the floral art with artificial plants, around which it imagined a delicate decoration. The SIA universe today is made up of multiple flowers and plants made of fabric - mainly tissue paper - but there are also small pieces of furniture and decorative items with timeless charm. What if you put a little color in your interior?

To change life

The history of SIA is above all that of a 180 ° turn. Where how a young Swedish housewife, Sonja Ingegerd Anderson, one day began to make batik fabric in her kitchen. A hobby that has gradually turned into an international company operating to date on four continents! We are in 1963. Sonja turns her back on her profession as secretary to devote herself to her passion: fabric creations. Tablecloths, apron and children's clothing now fill his world and his days. Sales continued, until the day when the journal Femina asked him to make an artificial flower for his readers. Booming "Flower Power", the creation of Sonja Anderson's tissue paper was a real success and confirmed the birth of the brand "SIA kunsthandverk" (SIA designating Sonja Ingegerd Andersson, and kunsthandverk "craft product"). apple logo, trademark of SIA, inspired by the universe of the Garden of Eden - a nickname she gives to her own house. It will evolve over the years but will never cease to appear on the signature. from the Swedish house!

Conquering the world

The workshop expands over time and Sonja's team grows. His house becomes a popular place for customers as the collections surprise and diversify! Sonja finally begins to sell her creations in several gift and decoration shops, and travels follow one another to constantly renew the models. In 1975, Sonja proposed to open a store in Stockholm in order to stage her products herself and create the decoration of the shop windows - aspects of commercial distribution that delight her. A location is chosen and will become the showcase of SIA in Stockholm for years. Today, SIA is a brand with unique personality and positioning. The flowers are complemented by collections of textiles, tableware, furniture, lights, vases, frames, candles, candle holders, as well as a wide choice of gift ideas and accessories. Each collection is based on surprise, differentiation and desirability. A successful bet for Sonja, who today still has a foothold in the company for which she was the artistic engine! Find all the collections on the brand's website