The free pod coffee maker!

The free pod coffee maker!

It is very rare that I make a post only for a refund offer but this one is so much a good deal that I would have liked not to make you take advantage of it. It can be a good gift idea, either to offer or for you because it will not cost you 1 cent and in these times of crisis, in short you know the song!

Tassimo's offer

Tassimo actually makes an exceptional offer since, if you buy the T40 or T42 model, you will be fully reimbursed! 100% refund if you can count, so we have a completely free coffee maker! Knowing that these machines are worth between 80 and 100 €, this is the best plan of the year!

Available only on November 17, 2012!

Obviously there are some constraints, including the date of purchase. You must buy your machine on November 17, exactly two days from now. Another imperative, you must also buy 5 packs of TDiscs between November 17 and December 1, not necessarily where you bought your coffee maker. These packages will not be refunded but there is no point in having a pod machine without pods, so it's pretty practical. So you have two days to think about it but if you wanted to buy a pod coffee maker, now is the time! I would also like to take this opportunity to announce that I have created a photo album on Facebook called "Reimbursement offers", in which I will add all appliance reimbursement offers as and when. It is therefore time to subscribe to the site's Facebook page to be kept informed of all these reductions.