Video: recycle your cardboard tubes into a functional and original service

Video: recycle your cardboard tubes into a functional and original service

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The architect Isabelle Lamoureux has long wanted to rediscover his first love: art and creation. But not with just any material. For the sake of preserving the environment, for the flexibility of invention it allows, for its lightness and its solidity, Isabelle Lamoureux opted for cardboard. Washable, malleable, ecological, cardboard fulfills its promise in furniture. It allows the less knowledgeable to make small simple but charming objects, the more expert the design of sober and original furniture. You will learn with the designer how to recycle your cardboard tubes to make a functional and original service.

What you need:

- Cardboard tubes of different diameters - A gray cardboard plate - A corrugated cardboard plate - Tissue paper - A drop of news: 739845 fabric - A piece of news: 739845 fabric or a ribbon - Cord - A pistol glue - Wallpaper glue - Scissors - News: 739781 cutter - A cutting plate

Fabricate the service structure

- Assemble the tubes of different diameters one by one around a central cardboard tube by forming a flower. Using a glue gun, apply a strip of glue to the tube and press firmly. Let the glue dry for about fifteen minutes. Your service foot is ready. - Lay your gray cardboard plate flat on a cutting plate. - Place the foot of your sideboard vertically on your gray cardboard. Trace the outline of your foot on the cardboard. Then incise in the news: 739781 cut the flat cardboard and cut it out following the outline. - Repeat the operation to obtain two gray cardboard trays and two corrugated cardboard trays. - Draw small marks on both of them in order to superimpose them well, then glue the gray cardboard tray to the corrugated board tray. - You now have the base of your trolley and its tray. - Glue the base on the foot by spreading glue on the edges of the tubes. Act quickly, the glue sets very quickly. Same thing for the serving tray.

Decorate the serving table

- Your structure is ready to be decorated. Lay it flat on your workbench. - Tear strips of tissue paper longer than the dimension of the face on which you are working. Brush the side of the side table facing you with wallpaper paste spread carefully but quickly with a brush. Take care to coat the folds between the rollers. - It is important to apply the tissue paper over the entire surface of the rollers, following their outline. - Coat the serving tray with wallpaper glue and paste your news: 739845 fabric, keeping an overhang all around. - Tooth around the actu: 739845 fabric following the reliefs of the rollers using scissors. Fold the pieces of fabric along the rollers. - Dress the sides with a bias or a ribbon. Let your table dry for 48 hours. - You can then paint the base as you wish. - To hide imperfections and add a finish to your table, you can stick a cord in the folds of the rollers. Find out more! Cardboard Generation: // Discover the Ebullition collective!