Chic and inexpensive decorative shopping special kitchen scales

Chic and inexpensive decorative shopping special kitchen scales

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Utensils, household appliances, dishes: the kitchen equipment is at the top ... or almost! One of the only missing accessories? A kitchen scale, essential to complete our special range of "culinary workshops". It remains to choose the decorative model that we need, although between a pop and retro style, our heart rocks…

Retro style

Carried by a wind of nostalgia, the 50s never cease to inspire the decor, returning to the front of the stage like never before. Result? It's hard to resist the kitchen scales that seem to have belonged to our grandmothers. Equipped with a steel bowl and a voluminous graduated dial, they are divinely in line with the retro accessories that have charmed the interior with a little note of yesteryear. Our preferences? The electronic balance (27 €) by the Grand Comptoir on which the photograph of a housewife advertising way of the time is accompanied by the inscription "diets? I do not care". A pun intended to inject a little humor into the kitchen! More sober but just as girly thanks to its cupcake patterns, the Fleux scale (€ 29.90) on which we read "Paris pastry", makes us just as much crack…

Pop style

To give punch to the kitchen, we would do well with all white accessories. And for good reason, who says dynamic piece says tonic colors! Also, when you do not choose a retro balance, it is a pop balance that we adopt. Thanks to its acidulous coating, its decorative weight is made light maximum. At Teraillon, we vote for flashy red or raspberry electronic models (30 €) while on the Beurer side, we have the choice between lawn green or pink / purple for 100% digital round scales. But definitely, our favorite, we found it at Le torchon à Carreaux, because its electronic kitchen scale with multicolored polka dots (€ 26.50) awakens the worktop with a tutti frutti air to die for.


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