Malongo Ek'Oh: the coffee machine of good conscience

Malongo Ek'Oh: the coffee machine of good conscience

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If you are already thinking about the good resolutions that you are going to make at New Year, I have an idea to submit to you: and if you bought the pod machine well in all respects, the Malongo Ek'Oh?


With Ek'Oh, Malongo has chosen to create a pod coffee machine that is ecological in more ways than one. It is first of all made from recyclable materials. Its design has also been studied so that the parts are easily removable and replaceable and therefore extend its service life. The Malongo Ek'Oh is also offered with an automatic 5-year warranty.

Made in France manufacturing

Although it is the new workhorse of eco-citizen consumption, Malongo's wish to create a French pod machine is not new and it seems that the company had to review its entire production system to be able to fulfill its purpose. It was necessary for example to act on the cost of labor and this is the reason why the machine is designed with easily nestable parts in order to reduce assembly operations. Malongo plays on transparency by indicating that certain parts do not come from France: the boiler system would come from Italy and an electronic module from Bulgaria.

The biodegradable pod

Logically when we talk about a pod machine, we blame it for its wastefulness with the waste generated by the capsules. This is the case, for example, with Nespresso machines being tested with these pods for which the environmental impact is criticized. For Malongo, the problem has long been resolved since its pods are made from biodegradable natural fibers. It remains only to Malongo to make additional efforts for the packaging of pods which should soon be made from recycled cardboard. Let us also remember that the coffee offered by Malongo comes from fair trade. The package of 12 Malongo pods costs the consumer at least € 3, which is cheaper than Nespresso pods.

An efficient machine

Malongo understood that it was useless to offer a machine full of good intentions if this was not accompanied by a real benefit for the consumer. On the technical side, the Malongo Ek'Oh does not have to suffer from competition. For example, it has a pressure of 21 bars, which guarantees good coffee. It is also equipped with "Start & Stop" technology which means that it stops after extraction of the coffee. Malongo announces that this pod coffee maker will therefore be the fastest and energy efficient on the market. Finally the machine will be NFC compatible, that is to say that it will be able to communicate via an NFC chip smartphone to control the state of the machine or even order pods.

A new sales method

This machine available from December 1st will display a price of 150 €. Logically, it should first be distributed on the brand's e-shop. In addition to the conventional purchase, the consumer can make another choice by opting for the rental of the machine. It will indeed be possible to rent as a private individual the Malongo Ek'Oh for € 6.50 per month and after 24 months of rental, you can obviously become an owner (the cost then amounts to € 156). Malongo, Ek'Oh machine, 150 €