How to arrange my ecological kitchen?

How to arrange my ecological kitchen?

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Answer: by optimizing the space and using household appliances and eco-friendly materials.

Here are some tips to help you organize your ecological kitchen. Focus your thinking on the acquisition of ecological household appliances, the optimization of storage and the use of materials with a low impact on the environment. In terms of storage, get handy boxes and dispensers that will allow you to buy more products without plastic packaging. The layout of your kitchen in a U (or central island) will allow you to have more space and optimize space since you will have a large work plan on which you can place storage spaces. Dishwashers and compartment refrigerators optimize space, thus saving energy. In addition to these optimized storage spaces, try to get ecological equipment focused on recycling, such as a vermicompost (which will reduce the volume of your waste), a solid waste recycling system or even wastewater filtering. . You too, send us your DIY question.


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