How to analyze the water in your pool?

How to analyze the water in your pool?

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Answer: thanks to the colorimetric test method, simple and accessible to all!

Regular analysis of your pool water is essential to check the water quality and determine the appropriate treatment, if necessary. Ideally, do the test about every two weeks. The simplest and cheapest method is the colorimetric test. You take a little water from the pool in a glass or a bottle, and you just need to dip a color strip to get the hydrogen potential (pH), the hydrotimetric titer (tH) and the full alkalimeter titer (TAC) of l 'water. In other words, you will be able to measure the acidity, hardness and alkalinity of the water in your pool. There are lots of 50 strips for ten euros in the trade. There are two other methods of analysis, that of liquid reagents and that of electronic testers, which are more expensive. They are not very widespread among individuals. You too, send us your brico question