Zolinia brings color into your home!

Zolinia brings color into your home!

Want to bring a note of good humor into your decoration? Zolinia, a brand new decorative brand brings bold colors and original patterns to your home for a good dose of good humor. Presentation.

A story of passion

First of all, you should know that Zolinia was born from a real passion for drawing. In fact, Catherine Nuzilat was first of all a tax controller, parliamentary assistant, business journalist and editor of advertising slogans before leaving everything to take up her pens and pencils and create her company. Zolinia was born!

Cushions, lampshades and boxes

What is found in Zolinia? The brand offers cushions, lampshades and boxes made in France please! Thus the designer walks the bocage bourguignon, the Drôme or the Beaujolais to offer us real nuggets. And as much to say that the objects are recognizable with classic patterns revisited inspired by the Mediterranean and cinema from the years 1935 to 1955 with very bright colors, flamboyant patterns always accompanied by black to vibrate the other colors. For this collection, the accessories find their strength in traditional prints inspired by Asia that the designer has associated with geometric patterns a bit retro. The idea is to be able to put small touches of color throughout the house thanks to the accessories. Ideal for waking up a slightly turned off living room or for sublimating a sofa, Zolinia's decor has not finished making headlines!