Oriental patterns warm the atmosphere

Oriental patterns warm the atmosphere

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Oriental decor has a very special magic. It evokes daydreaming, escape, profusion and mystery. It is also full of warmth, which is not without beneficial effect when you are in the heart of winter. Get inspired by this oriental decor that warms the atmosphere and these patterns that touch (arabieh)!

The delicacy of the openwork metal

For a decor of a thousand and one nights, you have to take inspiration from the mysterious atmospheres provoked by the patterns cut out with the openwork metal. To exploit the full potential of this technique, it is used with luminaires or candle jars which will thus play the light and make the patterns appear on the walls and the floor. Indoors, we love the openwork metal sconces of Moroccan inspiration (23.99 € at La Redoute) and outdoors we succumb to the charm of the oriental candle holders from the Les jardins d'Ulysse brand (3 candle holders at 18 €).

The exuberance of the arabesques

For a more extravagant side, we use the arabesque motif that comes to envelop and intoxicate us with all its beauty. It is found on many decorative objects such as the arabesque pattern carpet (€ 104.99 at La Redoute) or the Medici cushions by Thomas Frederick (€ 21.55). With this same idea of ​​profusion, we can also use the zellige pattern which is that of Moroccan mosaics: it is thus used on the Alep bed linen (€ 26.90 at La Redoute), a tribute to Moroccan craftsmanship.


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