Fairy Christmas: the decorations you need!

Fairy Christmas: the decorations you need!

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Christmas is above all magic! And so that the fairyland of holidays settles in your house throughout the month of December, we put on well chosen decorations that will make your interior shine. Here are our tips for a magical Christmas.

A magical color code

To bring a touch of magic to your interior, you have to bet on a very specific color code. To evoke both snow and magic, we put on an alliance of white, silver and blue. The decor takes on crystalline airs that will make your home a veritable palace of mirrors. Do not hesitate to use these colors in Christmas decoration but also in home accessories such as plaids and cushions.

Fairy decorations

Once the colors have been selected, opt for decorations reminiscent of the Arctic Circle, stronghold of Santa Claus. We then opt for frosted balls or in the form of water droplets ... As for the light garlands, choose bluish LEDs and bet on garlands reminiscent of snowflakes for example. For a real polar atmosphere, treat yourself to a luminous bear, a real sculpture that will decorate your interior. Discover our selection of decorations for a magical Christmas.