Vegetal Identity's sculptures go green for Christmas!

Vegetal Identity's sculptures go green for Christmas!

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Do you want to magnify the house with Christmas decorations that are both natural and unusual? The 100% "green" sculptures of Vegetal Identity are made for you. Their vegetal, chic and original look allows the interior to stand out from the traditional party decorations found in most homes. As a bonus, no maintenance and many possibilities of formats. In short, what good reasons to fall for this limited series made especially for the end of 2012…

Decorations composed of stabilized plants

Vegetal Identity offers decorative sculptures based on stabilized plants. In other words, plants whose sap has been replaced by an ecological substance based on glycerin. A technique halfway between artificial and natural thanks to which plants retain their original appearance. Aesthetically, we can only approve. Especially since this choice does not imply any maintenance in terms of light or watering. Or how to easily keep all your Christmas plant decorations for years!

A large choice of sizes, design and materials

The other good point of the exceptional sculptures signed Vegetal Identity? Their format ranging from 30 cm to 1 meter wide, ideal for decorating tables, the wall, the fireplace, the base of the tree. The variety of choices is also topical in terms of materials with aluminum, wooden and PVC structures. It remains to define the design that makes us want the most: a snowflake made of lichen, the word "Christmas" or "Love", a sparkling star or a sublime deer head for the winter touch ... Quickly, it's time to get started green for Christmas! For more information, visit: