Material focus: how to choose a cutter?

Material focus: how to choose a cutter?

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To make neat cuts, the cutter is the essential tool with which you must be equipped. The shelves of DIY stores are full of models of all kinds. So it's not always easy to find your way around. Here are some guidelines to help you choose the right cutter for the types of work you want to do.

The different types of cutter blades

There are four main types of cutter :

  • the self-breaking or sectionable blade: these blades can be broken as they wear, which will allow you to work permanently with sharp blades. To do this, simply bend the blade at the slots provided for this purpose.
  • the trapezoid blade: these blades are recommended for large jobs, because they are solid and robust.
  • the current blade: 739825 hook is more suitable for cutting carpets or materials whose support must not be damaged. Indeed, the outer edge of the blades is not sharpened.
  • the rotating blade facilitates the cutting of fabrics and cartons.

For an entry-level plastic model, the purchase price starts around 4 euros, while this cost can reach 20 euros for much more elaborate cutters.

The width of the cutter blade

The choice of the width of the blade depends on the type of work and the resistance of the materials you want to cut. The wider the blade, the more you can cut thick materials such as corrugated cardboard. There are several blade widths:

  • 9 mm
  • 18 mm
  • 25 mm

For the rotary blades, the diameters are as follows:

  • 18 mm
  • 28 mm
  • 45 mm
  • 60 mm

Cutter ergonomics

Getting started also represents a fundamental criterion for choosing a cutter . It is therefore recommended to try it before buying it to check that the body of the tool fits the shape of your hand. There are models with a non-slip two-material coating which will reduce the risk of accident.


It is strongly recommended to opt for a cutter equipped with a locking wheel. This accessory allows you to block the extended blade, which is extremely important when you have to extend your blade several centimeters to cut a large thickness.