Meeting with decorator Clémence Jeanjan

Meeting with decorator Clémence Jeanjan

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After a three-year training in interior architecture, Clémence Jeanjan opens his business in Haute-Normandie. Listening to customers, it adapts to their requests in order to offer a decoration in their image. Discover the work of Clémence Jeanjan.

Who are you ?

I am an interior designer and home stager. Curious, I am interested in new products in terms of materials and trends.

What are your areas of expertise?

I mainly have two favorite areas, the first being interior design. I advise people who want to redecorate their home but also professionals who want to brighten up their office, shop or restaurant. I work according to their tastes and desires to personalize their environment. I am also a home stager. I help people who find it difficult to sell their property so that it is ready to welcome other people. The objective is therefore to sell faster and at the best price.

How are you used to working?

I always start by analyzing the space in which I have to work. Then the customers tell me about their requests, their tastes and their way of life within their environment. Back at the office, I work on two different atmospheres so that customers can make their choice. After that, I give them a book with a trend board, maps, 3D views, sketches and a shopping list. I also offer support options in the search for artisans or furniture. At the same time, I organize "decoration meetings" at home, with individuals. These meetings allow me to answer various questions on a theme defined in advance or not.

Tell us about your achievements

I build all my trend boards in the same way. There are photos of interiors evoking the desired atmosphere, the furniture chosen and a color chart. My sketches or 3D views are essential. They help customers imagine their future layout. I have a preference for sketches because we find my personal touch in the layout.

Where can we find you?

On my site where you will find all my achievements and my news. But also on my blog Clémence Décoration the blog of the Addicts of the DECO! in which I publish my favorites, my decoration tips ... You can also follow me on facebook and twitter!

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