Video: the Tableware Grand Prix

Video: the Tableware Grand Prix

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For the third consecutive year, the Francéclat Committee and the Confederation of Tableware organize in 2012 the Grand Prix of Tableware. After 8 stages in the regions, the competition ended with a grand finale which we invite you to discover in pictures. Watch the video: video id = "0" /

Tableware around "daily enchantment"

Under the watchful eye of Catherine Laborde, the president of the jury, and Cendrine Dominguez, the godmother of the 2012 Grand Prix, the eight candidates (4 amateurs, 4 professionals) have floor on the theme of "daily enchanted" to set a table for two in a time limited to 45 minutes.

Tables in competition

As for amateurs, table linen is quickly chosen and the competitors set their table with care. We then gradually see the appearance of a table with a very rural look that takes the flowery plates as a starting point, a table in Asian tones that does not fail to make travel, a table with classic accents like "On the side of Swann" or a very festive table thanks to the gold color. Among professionals, the competition begins very quickly and the tables are set with confidence. The result: a classic chic table, a vegetable table, a green and blue table and a very gourmet table.

The big winners

After difficult deliberations, the jury gives its verdict. For amateurs, it is the country table that wins the vote while for professionals, the vegetable table is declared the winner. Valeria Rosas (amateur) and Mathieu Pericon (professional) each win an endowment of tableware products worth 2,500 euros. And you what is your favorite table?


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