Mistakes to Avoid in Renovating a Home

Mistakes to Avoid in Renovating a Home

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Blow of heart for an old building, refurbishment of dilapidated housing or desire for renewal, whatever your intentions in terms of renovation, play the card of caution so that your dream does not become a nightmare. Between small repairs and structural work, here are some tips to follow to the letter to help you with your project.

Don't accept to take your time

If it takes one or two months to renovate the floors, the paintings of a house or an apartment, the structural work will require much more time. The main mistake would be to confuse speed with precipitation and try to finish your work as quickly as possible. A successful renovation will last over time. It therefore requires patience and know-how.

Do not omit the inventory step

Before rolling up your sleeves and grabbing shovels and hammers, establish the nature of the work to be undertaken: is the electricity up to standard? Is the roof in good condition? Should the plumbing be redone? A diagnosis that will allow you to have a "battle" plan, but also to plan the appropriate investment. Because the renovation of a property can, if it is poorly evaluated, prove to be very expensive therefore caution.

Do not improvise yourself

Do not confuse renovation and DIY! If you have to reconsider the interior design of your house or apartment, you will have to break down partitions or even build new walls in order to redistribute the rooms according to your taste. Be very vigilant! Some load-bearing walls need to be consolidated upstream before being cut down. You can, if you wish, be advised beforehand by an architect or by specialized companies who will guide you in your project. Do not minimize the magnitude of the task and trust the professionals.

Don't choose companies at random

Put at least three companies in competition on your project. Protect yourself in case of poor workmanship by opting for artisans registered in the trade register or with the chamber of commerce and industry where they practice. Also request a copy of the Kbis and check their insurance coverage, decennial and biennial. You can also operate word-of-mouth to choose the professionals you will entrust with the renovation of your home. And during your meetings with these specialized companies, submit to them technical and administrative specifications that you will have taken care to write. You will thus have the certainty of having quotes as close as possible to your desires and your budget. Finally, certain decisions can be made during the development of the site. To avoid any misunderstandings and disagreements, have any modification specified in writing.