Heytens lifts the veil on his fabrics and curtains

Heytens lifts the veil on his fabrics and curtains

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This year, the Belgian textile confectionery house unveils new decorative marvels in the world of curtains, curtains, headboards and accessories in fabrics. Its offer has the advantage of adapting to individual tastes since tailor-made is the spearhead of the brand! From linen to taffeta, cotton or cretonne, Heytens offers a wide range of fabrics to decorate our interior from A to Z. The opportunity to rethink and personalize its decoration to start off on the right foot!

Belgian history

The story of Heytens is above all a story of passion, starting with that of a man, decorator and innovator at heart. It was in the sale of fabrics, curtains, curtains and associated items (wallpapers, murals) that Robert Heytens decided to pursue a career. His creed? Favor the creativity of the pattern and the inventiveness of the color. His first boutique, created in 1974 in Overijse, Belgium, was so successful that the small family business soon began to open stores. The first inaugurations are made first on the native territory, then in France where the Heytens brand inaugurates its first point of sale in Dijon, in 1995. It will be necessary to wait two more years before the family business does not become a sign international! From 1997, the group began a new cycle, increasing the number of its points of sale to establish itself in Switzerland, Luxembourg and the rest of Europe. Without ever abandoning its Flemish origins, which mark its style, the Belgian house extends its know-how to all of the textile decoration by tackling all atmospheres, from the most refined to the most baroque.

Bespoke stars

Besides a large assortment of different fabrics, the strength of Heytens really lies in the services it offers in each of its points of sale. By democratizing made-to-measure, the Belgian brand provides access to personalized decoration previously reserved for a limited number of customers. Heytens advisers offer support on a case-by-case basis, recommending the choice of fabric and structuring each one's decoration projects. It is even possible to have them come to your home for a measurement or textile advice depending on its interior decor! With the confection offered for all the curtains, the thorny problem of sewing is now a distant memory…

How to choose your curtains?

Several elements must be taken into account when choosing textiles, starting with the material, the type of clothing (blinds, Japanese panels, sheers, etc.) but also the finish (eyelets, ruflette, wave, etc.). At Heytens, the latter is available in half a dozen possibilities, which allows you to personalize your textile decor according to the interior atmosphere. And to finalize everything, nothing like taking up the textile patterns on other supports! Lampshades, cushions or headboard, Heytens declines your choices at will! Visit stores or www.heytens.com.


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