Accessories at low prices to invite Christmas in the bedroom

Accessories at low prices to invite Christmas in the bedroom

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To fall asleep to the stars in your eyes, nothing like being immersed in the magic of Christmas ... from your bed! Our shopping list for the bedroom in the middle of December, with soft prices in preview.

Advent wreath

Above the bed or in a corner of the room, an Advent wreath is enough to set the scene. It remains to choose the style that best suits us! 100% minimalist and natural as at Nature & Découvertes (€ 14.95) or garnished with decorations (ribbons, pine cones…) as at Jardiland (€ 14.90).

A light garland

Framing the door streaking on the wall, decorating the window, enclosed in one or more lanterns: the light garlands multiply the possibilities of staging to the delight of its owners. To sparkle the magic of the month in the bedroom, all at a lower cost (between 10 and 40 €), it's the perfect accessory.

A sticker

Christmas tree, Santa Claus, snowflakes, stars, deer: the end-of-year stickers explore the holiday world as much as possible to give us an XXL choice. An alternative at a reduced price (between 15 and 30 €) to which it only remains to administer a place: on the window, in the child's room, in the entrance…

Christmas balls

The Christmas balls that we have not used on the tree, we hasten to bring them back to the room. The advantage is that the scenes are multiple: under glass bells, suspended from the ceiling, thrown loose on the carpet or gathered in a bouquet around a lampshade, you give free rein to your imagination !

A pine tree

Putting a tree in the bedroom is a breeze when you put a little creativity! Indeed, thanks to a few masking tape strips, a series of envelopes or disposable golden plates, it takes little to form a tree on the wall ...


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