A fir tree against a plant!

A fir tree against a plant!

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During the Christmas holidays, the tree is the star of all interiors but this will not last! Our beautiful tree will quickly be stripped of these needles that will litter the ground ... the tree will go away and we will find the house very empty. The Flower Office has the solution: replace the tree with a plant!

Fir void syndrome

Each year, it's the same thing: for the holidays we decorate our interior so as to be able to accommodate a majestic fir tree. Except that once the tree loses its needles and it is time to remove its garlands, the house seems very empty. But this year, you will be able to replace your tree with a plant that will accompany you all year round.

A game to win a plant

When your tree is still the most beautiful, take a photo and post it on the Facebook page Ma Plante Mon Bonheur and choose from the plant library, the one that you would like all year long in order to try to win it! If you win, no more spleen from the void of the tree!

Ideas to give you plants

And if you took advantage of your tree to get a new plant for free. To do this, just take advantage of the offer of certain brands! For example, by buying your tree from Botanic and bringing it back after the holidays, the brand undertakes to recycle it. And to reward you, you will receive a voucher of 7 euros to offer you new plants for your interior or your garden At Ikea also you will receive a voucher which will allow you to offer you plants if you wish!