What is the bistro style?

What is the bistro style?

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We hear a lot about the bistro (or bistro) style in our interiors, but what exactly does this hide? Let's come back to this friendly trend that speaks to almost everyone!

The local bistro at home

Basically, almost everyone knows what a bistro is, even if the term is no longer used too much today. It is in fact a small cafe or a small restaurant which offers a convivial place where to meet around a glass or a plate mainly garnished with recipes of traditional cuisine. You will understand, the bistros therefore appeal to the aesthetics of cafes, especially Parisian cafes and their furniture so special. We are now talking about bistro chairs that are directly inspired by cafes.

How to create a bistro style at home?

To create a bistro style at home, you must therefore be inspired by cafes of yesteryear and use practical furniture and a touch of retro that will find its place particularly in the kitchen and the dining room. We put for example on a small round table with a metal leg and folding metal chairs or fixed wooden models. For the kitchen furniture, care should be taken to choose furniture that could be found in an old restaurant such as large low sideboards or wooden bars as a worktop. We focus on the retro details that will make the difference: shell handles, slate on the furniture and weathered wood over time. In terms of colors, we stay in the codes of the bistro playing with dark brown wood, red and black for a warm and friendly atmosphere.