ComingB displays the color!

ComingB displays the color!

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The small accessories company for florists has come a long way since its creation in 1975. Having become a benchmark in decorative objects with pop and design lines, the ComingB brand is now defined by its collections in bright colors for the whole house. . Candles, vases or coat hooks, discover the fresh and playful universe of the hexagonal brand, which has not finished surprising us!

Conquering the world of decoration

The history of ComingB began in Rungis in 1975. The Peuvrier couple then ran a store of accessories in the famous flower market for the enhancement of cut flowers. In order to expand his catalog, he went to Madeira three years later to meet suppliers of basketwork. This trip, which will mark the start of the company's development, allows Mat-Flor - its original name - to become a specialist in the field. After a second trip to Asia in 1980, the company is once again expanding its offer, which extends from floral decoration accessories - moss, basketry, small decoration - to artificial flowers, garlands and candles. In 1992, Béatrice Tinguely, the daughter of the directors, gave new impetus to the company by opening a second brand called Mat-Flor Plus. Its concept aims to orient florists towards the decoration of the house, by carrying out staging and various atmospheres. It was at the time a daring and innovative bet which was however well accepted by the world of florists. Building on this success, Béatrice will develop decorative objects under the brand name ComingB a few years later, more in line with current trends. The concept of the brand is to be able to regularly change the atmosphere by creating occasional staging in the house. ComingB is inspired by fashion, desires and lifestyles of today, in order to offer the latest trends in decoration accessories. A team of designers is set up to study trends and work on the creation of original and colorful decorative accessories. Successful bet for the brand which now offers an annual collection eagerly awaited by decoration aficionados!

A vitamin catalog!

Since 2003, ComingB has exhibited its products in its own points of sale in Paris, but also in corners dedicated to Printemps, Galeries Lafayette, BHV… Its catalog has considerably expanded with the arrival of practical and small furniture design, but also a storage, textile department or avant-garde lighting. From the kitchen to the bedroom or the living room, ComingB imagines practical accessories at very affordable prices for the whole house and the garden. In a pop and playful spirit, Béatrice Tinguely took up the challenge of designing a popular but nevertheless sophisticated brand. Find the ComingB online store.