Mistakes to avoid in a south-facing interior

Mistakes to avoid in a south-facing interior

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Bathed in a constant stream of light, your south-facing interior is on vacation every day. A pleasant layout, but which requires a certain parsimony in terms of layout. So to stay the course, follow the guide!

Do not immerse your pieces in a bath of dark colors

Naturally warmed and sunny by their exposure, the wall coverings of a house facing south require a judicious choice of colors. "The use of cold colors is entirely possible, particularly to reduce an overly stuffy side," says Catherine Filoche, color stylist for Dulux Valentine. Cold but soft and tender colors such as white, off-white or even honey, peach, light yellow to moderate the ambient light.

Don't choose your floor coverings at random

To counter the extreme brightness of your south-facing rooms, adopt the same logic as that applied for your walls: soften the atmosphere! For this, choose floors with cool, mat colors. These colors will bring a certain freshness and avoid an overly aggressive, even unpleasant, reverberation. So ban all too reflective or shiny floors. You can also adopt the attitude linoleum: in addition to freshening up your rooms, this coating offers you an infinite range of colors.

Don't darken your rooms

The omnipresent light can be countered or even moderated by curtains, blinds or shutters. However, be careful not to immerse your room in permanent darkness and do not add to your ambiance with, for example, velvet drapes. Bet on delicacy and lightness with net curtains that will bring a feeling of freshness or even sun blinds. Choose them in light shades so as not to obstruct natural light. You can also adopt thermal protection films for your windows. They allow you to keep a certain freshness inside in summer and prevent you from losing heat in winter while ensuring good light.

Don't leave your parts unprotected

Who says sun, says heat and sometimes unpleasantness. In summer to protect yourself and your furniture and coverings, equip your windows with external blinds that you can easily handle. You will enjoy the light without suffering the inconvenience of heat. Do not obstruct your bay windows with any light, because in winter your orientation will be welcome to naturally warm your interior.