I put a trimmer for a roof window

I put a trimmer for a roof window

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The roof window is a real skylight in your interior! Before starting the finishing of a room under the eaves, it will be necessary to install trimmers on the roof windows.

Step 1 - I collect my equipment

I need boards, screws, a screwdriver, a wooden mallet. For the final installation, it is better to be two. If I don't have the necessary equipment, I can have my boards cut to measure in DIY stores. It is not necessary to take boards that are too wide, which may distort over time. It is better to take two planks of smaller width and assemble them in order to obtain the total height of the trimmer.

Step 2 - I think of the rebate

Some DIY stores can also make the rebate which will be embedded in the edges of the window. Otherwise, I can make it with a planer or a circular saw.

Step 3 - I assemble the boards together

Once the boards are cut to the right size, I assemble them with a screwdriver. In order to keep them parallel, I can make a template with wooden slats which will hold my trimmer during assembly. All parts with rebate are at the top.

Step 4 - I make a first try

I put my cutter for the first time "cold" to refine the measurements. It may happen that I have to plan a board slightly or to decrease the height. The trimmer must fit perfectly into the window. I can ask for help to test: alone, I risk putting the frame askew and it will not fit into its housing!

Step 5 - I adjust with the mallet

While another person holds the trimmer in place, I regularly tap on the corners of the assembly to bring the rebated part into the hollow part of the window.

Step 6 - I check that the trimmer is at the right length

The wooden frame once embedded must not protrude from the slats which will receive the finishing materials. If it is not the case, I have to recut it and for that it is necessary to deposit it again; I will not be able to cross-check it when it will be assembled definitively.

Step 7 - I finalize the installation of the trimmer

In order to perfectly adjust the trimmer, I can use a board and tap gently with the mallet all around. It must enter by forcing a little to be properly adjusted. However, if I have to tap too hard, it must be touched up, otherwise I risk distorting the window or the trimmer itself.

Step 8 - I screw the trimmer to the window frame

After checking that the trimmer is installed level and properly embedded, I can screw it on. I put two screws in each corner, 10 cm from the edges and two screws in the middle of each side. The screws are installed so as to keep the trimmer in the window frame. During this operation, it is useful for someone to help me keep the frame in place.

Step 9 - I take care of the finishing!

My trimmer is finished, I can now lay my finish.


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