Raclette solo by Trisa

Raclette solo by Trisa

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In the kitchen, as in all areas, moreover, there are social codes to respect. A raclette for example is a group activity, generally organized in winter (unless you really don't know how to do anything else). Based on this sociological observation, the household appliance manufacturers have therefore designed raclette devices to be shared between 4 and 10 people. Which is totally unfair because, when you are alone and without friends, you should at least be spared the impossibility of having a raclette solo! The Swiss company Trisa Electronics has chosen to defend the most disadvantaged in human relationships since it offers a raclette machine for one person. That said, if the groups are supported by the fairy electricity, the solitaire must for its part be satisfied with four candles to melt its raclette.

The advantage of this method, let's say archaic, is the following: "in the alpine chalet or at the beach, enjoy your raclette everywhere!" (dixit Trisa). Here is another social convention swept away: as much the alpine chalet seems obvious, as much the beach seems somewhat offbeat. Note, if you are alone and you start to make yourself a raclette in a swimsuit on the beach, you will probably soon have friends, or at least curious people! Trisa Electronics, My Raclette Rouge and My raclette Noir, CHF 19.90


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