Video tutorial: how to create a red brick imitation wall?

Video tutorial: how to create a red brick imitation wall?

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Do you want to decorate your interior yourself, but lack ideas and know-how? Alexandre Rabory, artisan painter, gives you his advice on how to make a decorative brick-like coating.

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Necessary material

To create a false brick wall, you will need a spirit level, a meter, a pencil, a spatula, more or less thin adhesive tape, a spalter, a roller. lacquer foam, a roller for varnish, sandpaper, a trough, fine plaster, filling plaster, acrylic varnish, white paint and water.

Create the false bricks

Start by depositing a fairly thick layer of filling plaster, after having prepared the plaster beforehand with 50% water. This layer does not necessarily have to be very smooth, since it will be covered afterwards. Let dry between four and five hours, then draw in pencil the lines of your bricks. Start with the horizontal lines, using the spirit level. Apply adhesive tape to the lines, taking care to always place the adhesive tape on the same side of the line and allow the ends to protrude, for easier removal. Then apply the fine coating on the entire surface, in a smooth layer. Always keep the trowel clean and always place the material in the center of the trowel, so as to obtain a regular result. Let dry one day, then sand.

False brick finishes

Then slightly dilute the red ocher and natural sienna color. Apply this diluted color with a brush, achieving material effects. Several layers will be necessary to color the false bricks. After drying, remove the adhesive tape, then varnish. Thank you to Alexandre Rabory for his useful explanations which will allow you to make a false brick wall. Find the video Make a false brick wall with plaster on Produced by Minute Facile.