What colors on the walls for an urban atmosphere?

What colors on the walls for an urban atmosphere?

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Question from Jeff:


Answer: think of yellow and red urban decoration accessories

Hello Jeff, to give a London or New York atmosphere to your son's room, I advise you to paint the doors of his closets in yellow for example and leave the walls in white. To this, you will add a carpet with one of the two flags of the chosen city, a frame with a poster type of city map or of an Anglo-Saxon celebrity, rather red light fixtures, objects like a New York taxi yellow or black (English "black cab") in ceramic, a double-decker bus ... If you have difficulty finding objects, go to stickers that you can stick (in small quantities) on one of the white walls . Don't forget the curtains and opt for a fabric with a pattern such as a bus, metro, comic strip or simply plain yellow with a black strip at the top to remind the color of New York taxis and that of the cupboards! You too, send us your decoration question


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