Video: achieve a solid finish for your frames

Video: achieve a solid finish for your frames

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Have you bought pretty frames, but are you worried about damaging the corners by handling them? The attachments of your frames are fragile, and you would like to be able to protect your frames from breakage? You made a wooden frame, but the corner unfortunately hit a table? Daniel Barré, frame manufacturer, gives you his secret to achieving a solid finish for your new or already damaged frames.

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Necessary material

Depending on the color and type of frame, you will need to have slightly different equipment. For a black lacquered frame, a black felt is essential. If you want to protect a patinated frame, you can get a green felt, or a felt of the color corresponding to that of the frame. Finally, to protect a golden frame, gilding paste is necessary. To make pretty finishes, you also need sandpaper.


When a frame falls or is handled too roughly, its corners may suffer. To prevent the corners of the frame from being damaged, you can protect them simply. Gently rub the corners with sandpaper, then colorize them with the felt pen. The corner will then be less protruding and will resist shock better. For the golden frame, repeat the operation with the sandpaper. Take a little browning paste with your finger and apply the paste to the corner of the frame. Remove excess pigment for a more realistic result. By following the advice of Daniel Barré, your executives will be stronger and better protected. Watch the video Framing: finishing on Produced by Minute Facile.