Tutorial: making a flower lantern

Tutorial: making a flower lantern

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Create and share are Emma's two watchwords! On her blog With her ten little fingers, she exhibits her clever DIY and her finds gleaned from the Internet. From the customization of an Ikea table to the creation of a garland, including the decoration of a wedding table, her blog is a veritable mine of inspirations. Today, we find it for a lantern tutorial in the news: 739845 fabric, perfect for brightening up a child's room or serving as a lampshade.


You will need: - embroidery thread - an actu: 739789 embroidery drum - lace or a ribbon (which can be recovered from an old garment) - actu: 739845 fabric - scissors - thread and a needle or a sewing machine


1. Undo the drum and recover the external part. 2. Tie 4 pieces of embroidery thread in 4 points of the circle in a balanced way (diametrically opposite 2 to 2). 3. Tie the 4 ends together by adjusting the lengths and adapting them to the place where you will hang the lantern. Slide a large pearl to hide the knot.
4. Cut a rectangle to the size of the circumference of the drum. Sew the lengths and widths by making a flap of about 1 cm. 5. Add the lace on one of the lengths and sew the 2 widths together, turning the actu: 739845 fabric to obtain a tube. 6. Turn the news: 739845 fabric again. Slide the small drum into the tube. Fold the actu: 739845 fabric and block with the external drum. Screw. It's ready !


And There you go ! An adorable homemade lantern!
Thanks to Emma for her creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your lanterns on our Facebook page, and find other ideas on our Pinterest!