Video: make a scrap greeting card

Video: make a scrap greeting card

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Desperately looking for an original, personalized idea to match your family? Marielle Ecalle, animator in scrapbooking, invites you to make a greeting card in scrap.

Watch the video :

Create the greeting card

The first step in making a greeting card is to cut an album page into a 15 by 22 cm rectangle. Draw a line very lightly in pencil in the middle of the card, i.e. 11 cm. Mark the fold with a ruler and a folder. Then cut from colored paper a rectangle of 15 by 11 cm, minus 5 mm on each side. Round the corners with a hole punch, then stick this paper on the album page. You can then cut out a photo in a rounded shape, cutting off some parts with a hole punch. Add on the diagonal snowflakes cut with the hole punch. Finally, write your wishes in gel pen using a letter template. To more easily stick your cut patterns to the hole punch, use adhesive tape on which you will place the pattern. Glue the back of the design, then stamp it in the space provided before removing the adhesive tape.

Some examples

Follow your imagination to make greeting cards in scrap! You can for example stamp Christmas balls on round patterns, cut out a smaller colored rectangle or even write your wishes in a box decorated with stars in silver paper. The possibilities are numerous! Thanks to Marielle Ecalle for her precious ideas and tips that will allow you to make pretty personalized greeting cards. Watch the video Make a scrap greeting card on Produced by Minute Facile.


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