What color in a dark blue tiled bathroom?

What color in a dark blue tiled bathroom?

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Question from Sandrine:


Answer: lighten the room with white

Hello Sandrine, Your bathroom is in dark blue tiling, I advise you to lighten it ... Two possibilities are available to you: the first is fast and consists in repainting only the top of the walls not tiled in white in order to give a a facelift and a primordial "light" effect in a bathroom! The second solution is to repaint all of the tiles with a special paint for tiles and damp rooms. Beforehand, you will have cleaned and degreased all the tiles. Then let it dry and apply the primer. Finally, you can apply the special paint with a roller, making sure to cross the passes to properly "pull" the paint. I recommend a fairly neutral and soft color like a taupe brown, a light mauve or a beige. Without removing the tiles and at a lower cost, you will get a brand new bathroom, clearer and much more welcoming! You too, send us your decoration question