What colors to marry with a brown leather sofa?

What colors to marry with a brown leather sofa?

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If there is one sofa that still appeals as much, it is the leather one. And for good reason, it adapts to all styles, from the most classic to the most contemporary. The brown leather sofa harmonizes with an incredibly rich color palette, giving free rein to everyone's imagination. So, emphasize your favorite trend: natural, conducive to meditation, revitalizing or refined.

Nature atmosphere

To make your living room a place dedicated to relaxation, you can opt for colors inspired by nature. With a brown leather sofa, beige, linen, and ecru are obvious. The brown of the sofa brings depth and evokes both wood and earth, creating a contrast with the light tones. A touch of orange, warm color, brings dynamism and cheerfulness and is ideal in a place as friendly as the living room. But if you want to blow a breeze on your decor, opt for the lagoon blue. Like a wave, it lands on a wall or floods the room with a few well-chosen objects, a carpet or curtains.

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For a place conducive to meditation

Your brown or glossy brown leather sofa can naturally find its place in a room dominated by purple, the color of meditation. It can be a veranda, a bedroom or a den. In order to soften the intensity of brown and purple, use a shades of powdery pink and mauve capable of bringing softness and a little note of femininity. This combination of colors goes perfectly with a light or white wooden floor covering.

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A revitalizing decor

Anise green is a color much appreciated for its freshness and its anti-stress effect, and which is also associated with creativity. Anise green is ideal for creating a beautiful harmony with many colors and especially with your brown leather sofa. He will therefore have no difficulty in accommodating it. The combination of anise green and brown or gourmet chocolate is perfectly accompanied by light touches like beige and ivory to create a Zen decor. Or, for more sobriety, a few notes of gray and eggplant will bring elegance to your interior decor. An ideal combination of tones to recharge your batteries and regain your vitality.

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A refined interior

If you want to assert your strong personality, count on the combination of brown and red, illuminated with a hint of pearl gray or white. A careful mix of these tones will in no way harm the warm and vibrant side of your decor while giving it a little luxury. This type of atmosphere can perfectly suit a living room regardless of its size. To attenuate the depth of the red and brown tones, do not neglect the sources of natural light thanks to the French window or to the bay window to which you will content yourself with hanging a few transparent curtains. And for the evening, multiply the lights by placing them judiciously to limit the number of dark areas.

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