Video: chic table decor for Valentine's Day

Video: chic table decor for Valentine's Day

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Forget the candy pink and passion red tables! This year, it's under the sign of chic that Valentine's Day will be celebrated. Quickly, discover our chic table decor for Valentine's Day…

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Create an atmosphere full of sweetness by transforming a cottony plaid into a tablecloth. You can even fold one of its sides to emphasize its fringes and thus reinforce the cocooning aspect! Then comes the "refined" and "romantic" spirit: pack on a corner of the table, a precious fabric and brilliant before depositing an oversized love apple! The other strong elements of the decor? Black, gray and silver crockery, "green vegetable" napkins and a leafy bouquet. Who says "dinner alone" also says "candles"! So don't forget to scatter them here and there… Then place on the table, to emphasize the chic atmosphere, black ribbons with rhinestones, silver pearls and translucent green pebbles. And to accentuate the romantic atmosphere, finally install in the background, a second purely decorative love apple ... Happy Valentine's Day!The decor idea: let yourself be convinced by a mini creative leisure session to bring the final touch to your decor. Simply cut two hearts out of red paper and close them with a green ribbon. This will be ideal for decorating the plate and allow you to write a little note to your lover ... Shopping: Walis gray plates, ALINEA Tint black plates, ALINEA Svit cutlery, IKEA Bedarande wine glasses, IKEA Bedarande water glasses, IKEA Gray knit plaid, GOAL Black decorative apples, small and large, GOAL Staging: Véronique Antelme-Rambaldi