The Pantone trend is taking over the house!

The Pantone trend is taking over the house!

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For the past few years, the word Pantone has been inviting itself into decoration! But what is it exactly? What is this new trend and how to adopt it at home? You will know everything about this decorative phenomenon that you will love!

What is Pantone?

Pantone has been the world color authority for almost 50 years. It is this company that provides design professionals with a color chart that allows printing from 15 basic colors and not four as usual (cyan, magenta, yellow and black). Thanks to this process, color rendering is precise and universal. Each color is standardized and referenced in the famous Pantone color chart. Guides thus propose pages of colors which present all the nuances available. Thanks to this, Pantone values ​​are used in the textile, plastic and also decoration industries.

Pantone's color of the year

Each year for almost 10 years, Pantone has been promoting its color expertise and assuring its global authority on color by offering the selection of the color of the year. For this, Pantone travels the world in search of the most influential colors in all areas. The designated color then greatly influences the creation of products in fashion and decoration! Know that for the year 2013, the Pantone 17-5641 Emerald, a bright and vibrant green, succeeds the Tangerine Tango, the bright orange-red of the year 2012. According to Pantone, our interiors will therefore breathe well-being thanks with touches of emerald green. This color will bring us freshness while conveying an idea of ​​luxury in all rooms of the house. It only remains to wait until the end of the year to check Pantone's predictions and see if the emerald green has taken root in our interiors.

Pantone, design in its own right

But the king of color does not stop at his advisory mission! Today, the Pantone madness arrives in our interiors and not only by the color announced by the authority! Pantone is today a real design brand that has developed objects for the home using the famous colors from the color chart with the corresponding code. We first saw the appearance of mugs that sported the basic nuances of the color chart and now the flowerpots, magazine holders, toothbrushes, Iphone cases… are dressed in Pantone shades by mixing original colors and graphic spirit thanks to the reference displayed on all products. And the Pantone color goes one step further in our interiors thanks to a partnership with Tollens paints in order to offer an exclusive collection called "Tollens inspired by Pantone" which offers an assortment of 40 colors with bright tones, natural tones and dark tones ready to use from March 2013 in Castorama stores. You can then dress your walls in pure and intense tones of the Pantone universe hitherto reserved for fashion and graphics.