Unusual: When lights are inspired by balloons

Unusual: When lights are inspired by balloons

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The Maison & Objet fair was an opportunity to discover creations that are all more original than the others. Among the unusual objects, the editorial staff had a real crush on the Balloons lamps imagined by Haoshi Design. Presentation. The regressive trend, which rages first on our plates with desserts with the taste of candies and other preparations decorated with childish cheeses, gradually slides towards the house with original objects that do not fail to remind us of memories. Thus, those who have kept their soul of children may well fall for these lamps which propel us into the sweetness of childhood! The traditional balloons inspire the Taiwanese design brand which offers all romantic Ballon lamps to be installed on the wall as wall lights. The balloon then seems to float on the wall thanks to the electric wire which holds it among us. Very poetic, these original lights are installed as well to create a surprise in an entry as to make young girls dream in their bedroom. And for an even more decorative effect, we do not hesitate to multiply the wall lamps to offer a bouquet of balloons. Our advice: choose three models that you will place at different heights and slightly inclined to create the illusion of real balloons. Count 100 euros per lamp for an immediate journey into the sweetness of childhood! So you fall for it? Tell us everything in the comments! > More info on www.haoshi.com.tw


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