How to take Japanese steps?

How to take Japanese steps?

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Answer: an easy and quick installation for a charming trail.

What could be more charming than this little path in the heart of your garden? In slate, granite or even wood, the Japanese step can be easily and quickly installed for a particularly aesthetic result. After bringing a little sand, a spade and of course your tiles, determine the location and the desired route then calculate the number of tiles required. The stones or logs will be located at each step, about 55 cm from each other; don't hesitate to experiment with young and old. In order to then be able to pass the mower, it is important that the tiles are fixed slightly below ground level. Dig a hole 3 to 5 cm below each (a third more than the height of your stone) then make a sand bed of about 1 cm. Replace the tiles and tamp down lightly. Do not forget to put some soil back on the sides. You too, send us your brico question