For Easter, offer chocolate kisses

For Easter, offer chocolate kisses

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As much as one can experience a certain weariness for rabbits, eggs and small hens, chocolate will always remain a pleasure (90% of French people confirm it to me). So this year for Easter, innovate for your chocolate gifts. Among the countless chocolate molds present in the shops, I fell in love this year with Lékué's Pop Kiss mold. Designed by the famous Barcelona pastry chef Christian Escriba, this kit celebrates the Spanish holiday and joie de vivre. In addition to the 100% silicone mold, the box includes 20 sticks to make lollipops and 12 labels to accompany your little kisses with a sweet note. Lékué even provided a door hanger to cut in case you want to send a message with your chocolate kisses (understand who will).
It must be admitted that the recipe for crisp kisses accompanying this mold can convince the most skeptical. Imagine a milk chocolate decorated with praline and crumbs of Russian cigarettes, all covered with white chocolate ... I stop there because the hunger is felt but you understand the principle. This Pop Kiss kit can also be used on many occasions such as next Mother's Day or the anniversary of the first kiss given.

The secret to successful homemade chocolates

Unfortunately creating homemade chocolates is not just about melting tablets into pieces. It is necessary to respect what is called tempering, a step which consists in passing your chocolate through different temperatures so that it becomes smooth and shiny once formed and cooled. If you do not want to be disappointed with your achievements, ask about the temperatures to respect according to the type of chocolate chosen. Lékué, Pop Kiss chocolate mold (€ 17)