Birds nest in the house

Birds nest in the house

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Winter is over and the birds are singing in our decor. Small blue tits, seagulls by the sea or even an owl at night, it's a real flock of birds that takes over our interior. On the wall as a wallpaper or in bed linen in the bedroom, they are everywhere! If you don't already have one at home, it's time to get started ... pick up some ideas in our decorative shopping.

On the bed linen

Let spring come into your room, inviting little birds to nest on your bed. In the bird version of the colorful islands or in the more sober black and white version, it is up to your expert eye to judge. We, in both cases, love it! And since the "owl" trend is still current, we do not hesitate to adopt a duvet cover covered with these funny birds.

On the wallpaper

Ideal in a child's room, the wallpaper covered with small birds brings a playful side to their living space. To make them even more fun, you can choose them in a "coloring" version so that they give free rein to their imagination. Be aware that adults also have the right to their wallpaper with bird motifs. Shadow-like on a white background, it creates the decor in an entry or even above the sofa!

In the kitchen

Since Ferm Living offers us pretty tea towels with bird prints, it is out of the question to deprive them! In a more colorful version, you can also turn to the yellow cloth from Jacquard Français. Both will make your kitchen decor sing!