Micro trend: the unexpected return of raw pine

Micro trend: the unexpected return of raw pine

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We thought so in the dungeons yet the raw pine is back in decoration. After being in all interiors in the 90s, it signs a comeback with fanfare, especially since the last PS collection from Ikea. Back on this trend which is just beginning and which has not finished teasing the rooms of the house.

The decor takes a break

You may have noticed, but by surfing the internet or flipping through your magazines in search of inspiration, some interiors begin to abandon color, patterns and all that is artificial in favor of white, raw wood and the essential. The interiors are greatly purified, the walls are adorned with white and the wood finds an affinity with pine. In short, the decor seems to tire of all devices and needs to take a break. Suddenly, we quickly store in the closet and in the drawers all that is superfluous!

The most affected are undoubtedly the furniture and floors

The big winner in this trend is furniture. Tables, chairs, stools, desks, benches… never tire of pine, this wood species from the far north is renowned for its robustness and natural appearance. Letting nature show through with its knots and veins very pronounced in the material, pine is a soft wood, easy to work. A charm that anchors your furniture and at the same time your style in a natural spirit. It is also very popular for the soil. Naturally clear, it returns light and easy to maintain, pine floors are good decorative partners in all the living rooms of the house. Corridor, bedroom, living room, it even happens to invest the walls by covering the latter with planks called paneling.

Photo credits: Ikea / Reine Mère

How to adopt it at home?

A piece of advice to adopt the pine without false note and avoid falling back into the 90s: play the nature card! This is why it is urgent to move your pine furniture away from tinted varnishes and to protect it instead with a transparent matt varnish which does not alter its natural color. Then resonate its essence of light wood with white painted walls. Its natural warmth will come out more. Do not hesitate to add a notion of comfort by having white sheepskin rugs or knitted wool blankets. If you can't resist putting a little color on it, go with some restraint. Get the colors from the heart of nature. For example, pair the pine with the energy of a nasturtium orange or the tone of an indigo or navy blue, very fashionable. Neutral shades have their say. Ash gray, thistle or cement contrast nicely and without ostentation. Now it's up to you to let your nature speak!

Photo credits: Ikea