Can we cover a coffee table with a poster?

Can we cover a coffee table with a poster?

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Question from Lucette:

<< Bonjour, est-il possible de recouvrir une table de salon avec un poster ? Si oui, quelles précautions doit-on prendre pour pouvoir nettoyer cette table sans problème et ne pas trop avoir peur des taches ? Merci pour votre réponse. >>

Answer: use a glue varnish

Hello Lucette, you can completely cover your furniture with a poster, old-fashioned road maps, old newspapers, magazine cutouts, advertising posters… Use glue varnish to fix the poster and above all, don't hesitate varnish again after drying (preferably mat varnish). Of course, you will not be able to clean the table with plenty of water but just with a slightly damp cloth, voila! You will give a lot of character and originality to your living room thanks to the unique piece that you will have produced. You too, send us your decoration question