Video: making a round cardboard box

Video: making a round cardboard box

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Constantly looking for your pins or buttons? Why not make a round cardboard box to store all your small items? With Patricia Cozic, cardboard organizer, easily make a cardboard box, for a practical, economical and ecological decoration.

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Make the base of your round cardboard box

The production of a round cardboard box requires the following material: a 2.5 mm thick cardboard disc; cardboard strips 1 mm thick and 12 cm high; a 0.7 cm thick cardboard; scrap cardboard; a strip of kraft paper. Make your disc respecting a radius of 10 cm. To do this, first cut a square with dimensions close to those of the disc, then cut the disc by turning the cardboard. Then measure the cardboard strip by wrapping it around the disc: mark the junction point of the strip. Cut the strip at this point, then assemble the two ends using kraft. Then drop a drizzle of gel glue around the edge of the disc, then insert it inside the rolled up strip.

Reinforce your round cardboard box

Reinforce the box by sticking a new strip of cardboard on the first strip, using vinyl glue and kraft for the joint. Remember to tape to adhere the new strip to the old. Then apply kraft paper on the bottom of the box, leaving part of the strip. Notch the protruding part of the box, then glue it to the base of the box. Do the same for the inside base of the box, using several small strips of kraft. Thanks to the advice of Patricia Cozic, you now have a solid round cardboard box! Watch the video Making a round cardboard box on Produced by Minute Facile.


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