How to treat a damp wall?

How to treat a damp wall?

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Answer: the treatment depends on the origin of the humidity.

Before considering the treatment of a damp wall, it is necessary to identify the cause of traces of mold or peeling wallpaper. The humidity can be due to condensation, water infiltration or capillary rising (from the floor). It is still necessary to discover the exact origin of the humidity. The treatment of the wall depends on the diagnosis. Aeration and ventilation are generally the solutions in the event of condensation. You can also pass a layer of waterproofing on the wall. The problem is compounded if it involves infiltration: the roof, the joints of the openings, the gutters ... everything must be checked and if necessary repaired. Any cracks in the wall will be plugged with a waterproof mortar. The humidity of a wall due to capillary rise requires the intervention of a professional. These are more common in older homes. You too, send us your brico question